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Founded in 1954, YEONG CHIN MACHINERY INDUSTRIES CO. LTD. specializes in machine tools manufacturing. YCM has been awarded the certificate of the ISO-9001 Quality Assurance System authorized by Bureau of Standard, the Ministry of Economy Affair in Taiwan. YCM is the first Taiwanese manufacturer to achieve such a certificate. With the core values of quality, technology, service, and delivery time, YCM offers customers remarkable products, perfect service, and punctual delivery time.

YCMPS is the abbreviation of Yeong Chin Machinery Production System. By learning the essence of “Toyota Productivity System”, YCM would like to innovate its own unique production system as well as integrating with the current production process.

TPS is based on two major concepts, “Just in Time” (JIT) and “Jidoka.” The purposes are to eliminate all kinds of waste and create an efficient process flow. The main idea of YCMPS is around 5S.

5S is the name of a workplace organization methodology which combines five Japanese words starting with the letter s, “Seiri, Seisou, Seiton, Seiketsu and Shitsuke.”, and these five Japanese words stand for five phases.

Phase 1, “Seiri”, means sorting;
phase 2, “Seisou”, means cleaning;
phase 3, “Seiton”, means setting in order;
phase 4, “Seiketsu”, means standardizing;
phase 5, “Shitsuke” means sustaining the discipline.

By going through these 5 phases, every participant learns to eliminate all kind of waste and raises the company’s competence by offering customers the products with high quality and the greatest services. YCM strongly believes that constant internal improvements are the best solution for the company to develop sustainably in this competitive environment.

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